Saturday, 12 August 2017

Love and Admiration # 4


Do I love you?
How could I not
When I touch you
My heart beats as yours
You are the one
My other self
My virtual twin
When I breathe out
You breathe in
You are the other half of me
That makes me whole
We fit each other
Like machine cut pieces
In a puzzle of love
When I hold you
The edges of our forms blur
And we are one being
We are symbiotic
Hearts beating as one
Thinking each others thoughts
Speaking each others words
Sharing the same shadow
When I hold your hand
Our fingers merge
And become indistinguishable
We are conjoined
Do I love you?
You know I do
I always have
And always will
What else can a soul mate do?


I am transported back
To a distant place and time
When I was only twelve
The world was changing
And I saw it with new eyes
And I recall her sweet face
When I first saw her in the wood
Gathering wild bluebells
Sun shinning on the golden strands
Of her silken hair
As it danced on her shoulders
The beautiful bluebell girl
Moved about the wood
Then she stopped and noticed me
Deep blue eyes smiling at me
In the innocence of childhood
And she captured my heart
Though twenty years have passed
She keeps it still


Why is it that
Loves temperate flame
Cools the bearer over time
Why is it so sweet
And yet so fleeting
And why does love
Fill a heart with joy
Yet age the lovers
Like a wilting flower


Hair of Mahogany
Tumbles unchecked
Over freckled skin
In perfect complement
Like forest fronds
In a dappled glade


I dreamt last night
About our night of firsts
And I saw everything with such clarity
Though it was many years ago
All the sights, sounds, tastes, smells,
And of course, touch
It was such a special night
Our night of firsts
Principally it was our first date
And the first time we held hands
It was as I walked you home
Along the orchard lane
And then of course
Beneath the cherry tree
We shared our first kiss
On that late spring evening
When the air was full of perfume
And we heard the birdsong
As we gazed into each other’s eyes
Then our lips touched
And our fate was sealed
For at that moment
On our night of firsts
We fell in love
From that moment on
And all the days of our lives
Our love has lasted
And though I am alone now
And I can only kiss you in my dreams
When my time comes
We will meet again
And we will walk hand in hand
Along the orchard lane
And kiss once more
Beneath the cherry tree


A sea breeze blew through our hair
As we walked along the shore line
The waves lapped at the sand
And sunlight glinted on the water
It must have been a beautiful scene
But as we walked hand in hand
I confess I had eyes only for you
As we strolled along the beach
While waves lapped at the sand

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