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Uncanny Tales – (18) Lustful Intent In The Glens


It was a warm summer’s night in 1974 and Marilyn and I were in a tent together when all at once the flaps flew open, that would’ve been the tent flaps obviously and not hers.

“What’s going on in here?” the voice said through the opening

I was lying under my sleeping bag naked from the waist down and Marilyn was kneeling fully clothed, well almost, on an adjacent one.

The voice belonged to her father Ronald

“I might have known Cooper would be in his pit” he continued pompously

Her father was a pompous git of the first order and I had known him for quite a few years and we didn’t get on even before I started feeling up his daughter.

We were staying on a camp site in Perth and Kinross that was once a working railway station before it fell afoul of Dr Beeching and his cuts, in a place called Lochearnhead.

So that explains where we were, though not why we were alone together in a tent on a warm summer evening in Scotland.

We had been seeing each other for about 3 months and we had reached the point on that holiday where a kiss and a grope in the woods and a bit of fingering in the unisex toilets wasn’t enough for her and she wanted to go to the next level.

The reason we found ourselves in my tent was that Janice, the girl Marilyn shared with was entertaining a waiter from the local hotel in hers.

We had been planning the deed for about 3 days prior to that night as it was to be the first time for both of us.

But in the end, as first times go it was pretty rubbish, in fact even at the time I wasn’t even sure it qualified as a first time.

As I managed to get myself into a condom but I wasn’t entirely convinced that I got into her before the incident came to a premature end.

Which is why she was almost fully dressed by the time Ronald arrived.

“Get back to your own tent young lady” he said

“You’re so embarrassing Dad, Nothing happened” she responded which if I’m perfectly honest was the truth.

“I’ll deal with you later” Ronald said

“For God’s sake Dad, We didn’t do anything” Marilyn said, which was true enough though it wasn’t for the want of trying.

As they both walked off into the distance still arguing I thought she looked really horny especially as I knew she had her “Love is…” knickers stuffed in her pocket.

Unlike the young of today we were incredibly naïve about sex back then, we were so much less aware.

Fortunately, we were both virgins and Marilyn had no high expectations for the night, having no yardstick to measure it by.

So I got a second bite of the cherry so to speak which I took a couple of days later in the heathered hills of Glen Ogle and afterwards were left in no doubt whatsoever that we had had our first time.



She was a tiny little thing

Barely five foot, Pint size

But larger than life

With huge grey eyes


Her first words were

I’m not an Aussie

I’m from New Zealand

And I’m a Kiwi


Christened Katherine

She preferred Kitty

At first glance

I thought she was pretty


Perhaps not beautiful

Well not obviously so

But certainly pretty

But not to the shallow


She was not compelled

By fashion or fad

In her cargo pants

And shirt of plaid


Her stocking feet

Made little sound

As on fairy steps

She flitted around


She had a delicious chuckle

Rich and fruity

When she laughed

Was when I saw beauty


A smile lit up her face

And her big eyes

Transformed her

From pupae to butterfly


Her laughing eyes

Glanced aside

And she was caught

Her look was spied


Her pale skin

As she blushed

Turns to crimson

And away she rushed


Though she dressed

Not to impress

She had a figure

Hidden, nonetheless


My eyes followed her

Though no others did

My pretty Kitty

This gorgeous Kiwi kid


Do you try to hide?

From the wicked world

The pretty girl inside

Oh lovely Kiwi girl


Because I already spied

The pretty girl inside

When first I looked

Into her big grey eyes



Where do I begin to say?

Exactly what you mean to me

It would surely end my world

If you were to set me free


Where do I begin to say?

How happy it would make me

If I could find the perfect words

To express my feelings with clarity


When we are separated

I feel half a person, empty and incomplete

But when we are together

I am whole and I am replete


Where do I begin to say?

How blessed I am to have you in my life

As my lover, and best friend

My partner and my wife



She is embedded in my heart

I imagine her inside my head

I picture her in my life

Safely in my arms

Or sleeping in my bed


She is ingrained in my soul

I imagine us with a family

I picture our life together

Far off in the future

With cherished memories


She is woven through my fabric

She is at the very heart of me

I feel her hand in mine

And her kisses on my skin

Her scent is exotic and heady


Though she is in my every thought

And my dreams of her persist

I have to confess that

As much as I love her

She doesn’t know that I exist

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (90) After Graduation – Paul and Sharlene


Downshire is a relatively small English county but like a pocket battleship it packs a lot in, a short but beautiful coastline, a channel port, the Ancient forests of Dancingdean and Pepperstock, the craggy ridges and manmade lakes of the Pepperstock Hills National Park, the rolling hills of the Downshire Downs, the beautiful Finchbottom Vale and farm land as far as the eye can see, from the Trotwood’s and the Grace’s in the south to the home of the Downshire Light infantry, Nettlefield, and their affluent neighbour’s, Roespring and Tipton in the North but it’s in the Village of Shallowfield where our story takes place.


Shallowfield lay on the southern edge of the Finchbottom Vale and Shallowfields fortunes had always relied largely upon forestry and agriculture for its survival.

In the post war years with rationing and a shortage of work a lot of people moved away, to Abbottsford, Abbeyvale and beyond, and it only barely survived.

And the community around Teardrop Lake fared even worse.

Only a few of the houses around the Lake were thriving, a lot of the houses had been rented out and those that hadn’t were in a poor state of repair, some too such an extent they were little more than ruins.

But by the 70s things were beginning to change, thanks mainly to tourism and an increase in leisure time.

More importantly these people had money in their pockets.

This trend was reflected by the fact that the derelict Shallowfield Lodge, which had been inherited by a young couple from Lincolnshire, Rob and Sheryl Brown, was turned into a hotel.

Its completion formerly marked the rebirth of Teardrop Lake and by extension Shallowfield.


Triplets, Dale, Manny and Paul Smith had just graduated from Abbottsford University and were spending the summer with their uncle Julius, who was the Vicar of St Jude’s church in Shallowfield, which was where they met the Nichols sisters.

They had been at their Uncles for less than a week when they walked up to the village green to attend the Village summer Fête, but even though they had only been there a few days they were not newcomers as they had spent every holiday there for as long as they could remember and had made a lot of friends among the younger members of the village population over the years.

The Fête was very well attended but despite not being strangers they didn’t really know many of the people in attendance but they thought they would take a look, show willing at least, so they went on a few of the side shows and drank a couple of pints in the beer tent and by late afternoon, a combination of too much beer on an empty stomach and the heat of the sun had left them all a little light headed so they decided to call it a day and headed back across the field in the direction of the Vicarage.

But they only got about half way across the field when they were two of the Nichols girls, Crissie and Sharlene and they turned in unison to see them tottering towards them across the grass, shoes in hand and ever so slightly tipsy.

The twin girls were not only sisters, but were also best friends, quite inseparable and Manny and Paul thought them very gorgeous, and had been in love with them foe three years, but alas when they fell for them the girls were only 15, even though they kept reminding them that they were actually 15 and three quarters.

Sadly that three quarters was not going to keep them off the sex offenders register if they did what red bloodied young men of 18 might think of doing.

But they were both lovely girls and he liked them a lot but they decided to keep them at arm’s length until they turned 16, unfortunately another opportunity never presented itself in the following three years so that seemed to be that, until that summer.

Crissie was the younger of the two by a few minutes, five foot two red hair and pale complexion and cutely freckled while Sharlene was an inch shorter with a strawberry blonde hair and alabaster skin.

They were both stunningly beautiful and wearing low cut summer dresses they looked even more so.

They tottered up alongside them, each taking an arm, Sharlene as always was flirting outrageously.

“Can we come back to the Vicarage Paul?” Sharlene said

“Then we could have another drink”

“It’s not like we’re drunk or anything” Crissie chipped in

“Can we?” Sharlene said again

“Please Manny?” Crissie added

“Ok” he said, “as long as you behave”

“What will you do if we don’t?” asked Sharlene

“Will you spank us?” Crissie said and giggled

“You’ll get us shot” Paul said

Being over six feet tall and being arm in arm with the two girls gave them a height advantage of more than a foot, affording them a wonderful view down the front of their low cut dresses, they knew they shouldn’t have looked but even for good Christian boys it was difficult to resist the temptation.

Dale who was the only one of the boys not to have a gorgeous girl on his arm looked on and smiled as his brothers struggled with the moral repercussions of ogling young girl’s breasts.


Being over six feet tall and being arm in arm with the two girls gave them a height advantage of more than a foot, affording them a wonderful view down the front of their low cut dresses, they knew they shouldn’t have looked but even for good Christian boys it was difficult to resist the temptation.

Dale who was the only one of the boys not to have a gorgeous girl on his arm looked on and smiled as his brothers struggled with the moral repercussions of ogling young girl’s breasts.

Sharlene saw Paul looking down her top and giggled so he didn’t look away.

Then she compared she whispered to her sister about what Manny was doing and she blushed scarlet but made no attempt to prevent him from looking either.


When they reached the Vicarage Dale left his brothers and the giggling flirts outside while he went inside to get the drinks, which given the girls inebriation and his own light-headedness he decided not to fuel the flames with more alcohol, so when he joined the others on the patio, which was now in the shade and put a tray full of soft drinks on the table which on reflection was the wisest thing to do despite protests from the girls.

And then about ten minutes, Gail Nichols emerged through the garden gate and she was also wearing a summer dress, she was the older sister, and was the one that Dale had set his cap at, and thought she was equally gorgeous to her siblings, a few inches taller with a rounder curvier figure than her siblings, but for Dale she was perfection.

 “Well no surprise to find Smith boys surrounded by pretty girls” She said

“Is that why you’ve joined us?” Dale said

“I’m not one of the pretty girls” she said coyly “I’ve just come to collect my sisters”

“But we’re having fun” Crissie protested

“I’m sure you sure but it’s time to go” Gail said

“Do you want a drink?” Dale asked

“Yes please” Sharlene replied eagerly

“Me too” giggled Crissie

“I wasn’t asking you two, you’ve had enough” Dale said “I was asking Gail”

“No thanks but another time when you’re not surrounded by pretty girls” she replied “mum and dad are waiting”

“As I said before you’re one of them” he said

“I’m not pretty,” she snorted

“No, you’re beautiful” he corrected her and she turned her head away coyly.

He imagined her coy denial about being one of the pretty girls was either false modesty or she was fishing for compliments.

Just at that moment the back gate swung open and Uncle Julius walked up the garden.

“Hello girls” he said jovially and there followed five minutes of light hearted chattering and then the girls went on their way.

The Smith boys watched them as the three girls tottered down the lawn and when they reached the gate all three turned and waved and Sharlene blew a kiss.

“They are sweet young things aren’t they?” the Vicar said

“Yes Uncle” Dale agreed but to himself he added “and I have a very sweet tooth”

For years he had fantasied about him and Gail and he looked forward to when he could turn the fantasy into reality as it turned out he didn’t have to wait too long, to his surprise it was the next day, that his fantasy was made manifest.


The day after the Smith boys entertained the Nichols sisters in the vicarage garden Manny and Paul went sailing up at Teardrop Lake while Dale remained at the vicarage catching up on his reading.

But by the time they had finished on the Lake for the day back at the Vicarage, Dale had put his book down for the day and was kissing Gail Nichols for the first time which turned out to be the first step on a life long journey.  

But Dale wasn’t the only member of the Smith family to have a penchant for a Nichols girl but it was a week later before cupid hit the mark for a second time and Manny and Crissie became a couple but there was still more to come that Summer because Paul had Sharlene in his sights.

It was two weeks after Dale and Gail got together and one week after Manny and Chrissie first kissed, when Paul woke up on Saturday morning with serious intent.

Dale and Manny were spending the day with their respective girlfriends so he had decided he need to stake his claim on Sharlene before someone else snapped her up.

As it was a nice day he left the Vicarage to take a walk up to Teardrop Lake, and he chose that destination as he had heard that Sharlene had been seen walking in that direction so he had to hurry before she disappeared.

He followed the Lane that ran parallel to the River Brooke as it flowed from the head of the lake and on towards Shallowfield and beyond.

He headed past the Shallowfield Lodge Hotel and then the lane joined the perimeter road which circled the lake and after a moment’s thought he took the northern side.


Teardrop Lake and the surrounding woodland was privately owned and divided into twelve parcels, each with one significant dwelling on it although there were a number of cottages dotted around the woods as well, some in use and some not. 

It was both idyllic and peaceful, there was little or no noise pollution and although the lake was used there were no speed boats or jet skis, only rowing boats, canoes, dinghies and skiffs.

Manny and his brothers learned to sail on the Lake

But there was more to Teardrop than the lake, there were two follies, a Watch tower, and Olwen’s chapel as well as a waterfall, brooks, streams, a 16th Century Bridge and lovers leap.


Unlike the eager and self-confident Crissie Nichols, who had sought out Manny on the day of her birthday when she saw him pass by, even though she was attending her aunts wedding, her sister and best friend, Sharlene had not been able to do the same thing which was why she was spending the day alone up at the Lake.

She was a bit sulky because her sister were so happy since they had got their Smith boys but she was beginning to think the whole summer holiday would pass before she got Paul, if at all.

But little did she know when she decided to go up to the Folly by the Lake for some private sulking that the lovely Paul Smith would cross Sharlenes path.


There were two Folly’s in the area around the Lake the first one was built in the early 19th century by the local Nobleman, the Earl of Dancingdean who had it built for himself, in the style of a Castle Keep, on top of a hill and then had the surrounding Forest cleared so everyone around could see his standard flying from the turret.

The second was erected by Ezekiel Cooper who lived on the opposite side of the Lake and was not of the nobility, he made his money in the cotton Mills of Lancashire.

And in response to the Earl’s construction he had built a gaudy Folly of his own in the Victorian Gothic style and like his noble adversary he had the surrounding Forest cleared so everyone around could see his standard flying.

Over the intervening years however the forest had crept back to reclaim the hills and only a small clearing was maintained around each of the structures.


Paul had just started the climb up Northern Perimeter road and was just turning the corner when he caught sight of Sharlene ahead of him.

She was unmistakable, five foot one with strawberry blonde hair and alabaster skin.

She had her strawberry red hair tied up and was mostly hidden under a baseball cap.

She was shuffling and scuffing along the road and Paul thought she looked lost and lonely without her sidekick Crissie.

Crissie was the outgoing bubbly girl and Sharlene rather lived in her shadow.

Crissie was ultra-confident, self-assured and pretty and she knew it.

Sharlene was shy, socially awkward and full of self-doubt but she was every bit as pretty but had no idea of the fact.

Crissie was the driving force in their relationship, bold and bubbly.

Being with her made Sharlene feel more confident, daring to do things she would never do alone, living life on her coat tails and without her sister, Sharlene clearly floundered.

Which was evidenced but the rather pathetically forlorn creature who was ambling along ahead of him.

With his longer stride he would have closed the gap on her in a matter of minutes had it not been for the Hodgson’s, a middle aged couple who were friends with his Uncle who had emerged from the woods with their dog and wanted to chat.

As much as he wanted to tell them he had more important things to do than talk with them, he couldn’t so he responded to their converse as he watched Sharlene disappear over the brow of the hill in the distance.


Once the Hodgson’s had gone on their way he set off up the road which climbed quite steeply up the hill then eased down the other side briefly, then he trudged up the next hill but there was no sign of Sharlene.

“Damn” he cursed before pressing on but by the time he reached the top his legs were feeling it a bit, so he took a breather and a drink, and thought about where she might have gone, it was possible she had gone into one of the houses but then he remembered her mentioning once how much she liked Lovers Leap, so that’s where he headed next.


Lovers leap was a rocky outcrop above the cliffs that were an extension of those that formed part of the northern side of Teardrop Lake and formed the natural border between the Teardrop estate and the Dancingdean Forest proper.

Lovers Leap was so called because it was where desperate and broken hearted lovers would leap to their deaths, although there was no evidence that anyone actually had, but it made a good story.


By the time he reached Lovers Leap he was panting worse than an old man and as he walked onto the rocky shelf that jutted out above the cliffs shelf his heart sank because there was no one there.

Paul paused for a drink and then he made the longer and gentler descent, thinking as he went, and he thought she might have gone to

Dancingdean Folly instead.


The Folly was built by the 8th Earl of Dancingdean who had it erected for himself, in the style of a Castle Keep.

He was always prone to delusions of Grandeur.

He had it erected on top of a hill and then had the surrounding Forest cleared so everyone for miles around could see his standard flying high from the turret.

The scene was very different almost two hundred years later as the forest had begun encroaching on the cleared land.  


Once Paul got close to the Folly he noticed Sharlene sitting on a towel in a shaft of sunlight wearing a bikini top and shorts so as he approached he called out to her.

“Hi Sharlene” he said and she almost jumped out of her skin

“Oh Hello” she said blushing as she tried to catch her breath.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said

“It’s ok, I was miles away” Sharlene said

“No Crissie today?” he asked, already knowing she was out with Manny.

“No” she sighed “she’s gone to Sharpington with your brother”

He thought she looked quite sad but hopefully from this chance meeting he might put a smile on those pale lips and some colour on her cheeks.

Sharlene was fresh faced and make up free and he thought she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen.

“With your lovely pale skin you really need to stay in the shadows” he said and she blushed at the compliment

“If you sit there like that you’ll burn, suntan lotion would help, if you have some I could put it on for you”

“Yes please” she said eagerly “I have some in my bag”

The sunlight was warm but her risk of burning was nowhere near as high as he had made out, but he didn’t tell her that.

He knelt down on the blanket next to her and perused her as she rummaged in her bag.

Sharlene had her head turned to one side and was facing away from him as she searched for the lotion but when she had it she turned to face him and at the precise moment their eyes met he gave her a kiss, not much of a kiss, just a peck on the lips, but the moment lips touched lips she pushed him onto his back and gave him a proper kiss.

“That’s better” Sharlene said and blushed and giggled.

 “Very nice” he agreed “But I think we could use more practice to be sure”

“Oh definitely” She concurred and kissed him again


So Sharlene and Paul spent the afternoon on a blanket in the clearing by Dancingdean Folly where they practiced their kissing and fell in love. 

Five years after that momentous kiss Paul married Sharlene Nichols and their love remained throughout their 40 year marriage.



Was it really two weeks ago

When we cried and said hello

And now as we stand in the rain

It’s the time for us to part again

Holding you close again we cry

As the time has come to say goodbye

Only a few more weeks to go

When we will say our last hello

And our goodbyes will be done

As before God we join as one

And never again will we part

Or feel the longing in our hearts

I hold you close as again we cry

Then I kiss you and say goodbye



My heart will say

Every day

Why am I empty?

So empty


My heart will say

Every day

Why am I so lonely?

So lonely


My heart will say

Every day

I can love someone



My heart will say

Every day

Answer me please

Please answer me

My heart makes a plea

Please fill me

Give me some company

Hear my plea


My heart will say

Every day

Find me a kindred spirit

Oh please permit


My heart despairs

I have so much to share

I have so much to give

Please let me live