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You said you had to go away,

Just a day or two

A business trip

Something you had to do


But I knew better

I knew that you were leaving

I found out

About the cheating and deceiving


I wait for the truth to come

But you just keep lying

You’re leaving me

And inside I’m dying


But you won’t see me cry

I just smile instead

I won’t let you see me

I will do that in my empty bed


You kiss me on the cheek

And look me in the eye

And with that Judas kiss

You turn and say goodbye


All of my life

I have had no talent

Hidden or on show

No gift or endowment

No skill or mastery

No bent or flair

Ability or forte

Nothing to mark me out

From the common herd

Or stand me out from the crowd

All of my life

I have been ordinary

Mediocre and average

Quite mundane and everyday

No hint of genius

Expert only in my ordinariness

But content in my mediocrity

All of my life

I have been un-ambitious

No goals to be achieved

Not driven by desire

In any shape or form

Some might say shiftless

I would say satisfied

Happy with my lot

All of my life

I lived a half life

Until my outlook changed

When I saw you smile

And heard you speak my name

I was born again

With new purpose

A new vocation

To shed my mediocrity

And cast it aside

Like a well-used coat

And dig deep within myself

To find that dying ember of desire

That almost imperceptible spark

So clearly visible to you

And breathe life into it

Until white hot

And then fan the flames of passion

You have ignited in me

All the rest of my life

Endowed with your gift

I will feel extraordinary

And with my newfound ambition

My one and only goal

The sole purpose of my being

Is to make you truly happy

As happy as you have made me

And with all my heart and soul

I will dedicate myself

To always loving you



At lanes end

The rustic stile

Stands sentinel still

Marking that special place

Where the fates conspired

Our souls should meet

Though we purposely

Trod opposing paths

We met at that rustic spot

And to help you cross

I took your hand

Small and silken soft

Guiding you safe to my side

And despite the presence

Of each others companions

We were to all intents

Quite alone

And in those moments

When hand touched hand

We at once beheld

Our lives from that point on

Would be forever altered

And were content

With that destiny


At lanes end

The rustic stile

Stands like a monument

Marking the place of alteration

A significant place

A spiritual place oft revisited

And on such sojourns

We would find renewal

As the energizing memory

Of that special moment

Assailed our senses

Essentially invigorating

Like imbibing the waters

From the fountain of youth

And our hearts would once again

Resound with joyousness

And sweet moments of romance

Those excited tingles

Of loves first passion

When hearts beat faster

And desire courses

Through every fibre

The thrill of blossoming love

Adding to the strata

Of our love laid down

Through all our years

By returning to the place

Of loves wondrous inception

We keep our love alive

And in equal measure

Love returns the favour



Like the star-crossed lovers,

Romeo and Juliet,

They come from feuding kin

And must hide their love

They meet in secret

Beside the quiet lake

The only sounds,

Are of the faintest breeze

Disturbing the lofty tree tops

And ducks squabbling on the lake

But despite the quiet

Fearful of discovery

They embrace hidden from view

Beneath a weeping willow tree

Whose leafy pendulous branches

Trail down into the still water

Stirred by the gentle breeze

They dip in an out of the water

Like the toes of a reluctant bather.

They kiss there in the quiet shade

And feel at once renewed

No words are spoken

Their language is of caress and kiss

Such tender converse

With limitless vocabulary

And languid pronunciation

Every syllable well employed

And when the final paragraph is reached

They end with perfect .punctuation

Stirring from their lovers languor

They tread separate paths

To rejoin warring tribes

Adopting adversarial manner

No knowing looks to be exchange

No casual brushing past

When for that exquisite moment

Hand touches hand

They must remain entrenched

Until they can once again

Embrace beneath the weeping willow tree

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (67) Consulting the Pro


The Finchbottom Vale is nestled comfortably between the Ancient Dancingdean Forest to the south and the rolling Pepperstock Hills in the north, those who are lucky enough to live there think of it as the rose between two thorns.

And at the far eastern end of the Vale was the traditional seaside resort of Sharpington-by-Sea, complete with a Victorian Pier, seafront hotels, crazy golf, The Palladium ballroom, well maintained gardens, promenade, theatre and illuminations, all the usual things to have a great time by the seaside, as well as amusement arcades and of course the Sharpington Fun Park.


The four friends had spent the morning playing a foursome at the Sharpington Dunes Golf Club, they all lived locally in the town of Sharpington-By-Sea and three of them had houses that backed onto the course.

Their foursome had become a regular fixture on their social calendars after widower Dave Whitaker had taken early retirement at the age of 50.

It seemed the right thing to do at the time, his children had flown the nest, his wife had passed and his job had lost its lustre, so he retired and he had never regretted it for a moment.

Retirement enabled him to spend time with his three favourite ladies of leisure, Sarah Price, Katie George and Wilhelmina Winten.

Sarah and Katie were both wealthy grass widows and ten years younger than he was and spinster Willi was three years older and was a retired PE Teacher.

After spending a very pleasant morning on the course they lunched at the club as was their habit and as they sat down at their regular table Willi announced

“I can’t be late home today, Marta is coming to help me tidy the attic”

“It must be important if you’re going to cut your lunch short” Sarah said and they all laughed.

“If truth be told I do rather look forward to the days Marta comes to help me” she said when the laughter had subsided

“She’s really such a nice girl and very good company”

Which was when, the waitress, Georgina, arrived at the table to take their order.

“So you’re not coming to mine for drinks this afternoon Willi?” Katie asked

“I’m afraid not” she replied

“What about you Sarah?”

“No not today” she replied reading a text on her phone “somethings come up”

“Just me and you then Dave” Katie said

“Ok with me” Dave remarked

So after a very nice lunch in very pleasant company, and feeling a little over indulged, they had a rendezvous by their trolleys and prepared for the short stroll across the 18th fairway, apart that is from Sarah Price, who was the only one of the group whose house didn’t adjoin the Golf Course, she had a flat in Jubilee court overlooking the promenade.

“I’ll say goodbye now” she said “I need to pop to the pro shop before I head home”

So while the other three walked their trolleys across the 18th fairway Sarah went the other way to the pro shop.


The text she received during lunch was from David Snowdon the Golf Pro, a 6’ 2” bronzed muscular Adonis, Sarah on the other hand was not, she was attractive but she was a big buxom red head. 

The bronzed God was talking to a customer when she walked in but he soon made his excuses.

“Can I help?” he said

“Yes I’m here for my Golf lesson” she replied matter of factly.

“Ok would you like to come through?”

David led her out through the door at the back of the shop and passed the stockroom, to the end of the corridor to where there was a lounge area with a Golf simulator set up.

“So what aspect of the game would you like to cover today?” he asked

“Well I have always thought that choosing the right partner is very important” Sarah said as she sidled up towards him.

“Very important” he agreed

“And the grip is also all-important” she added wrapping her arms around him.

“I have to complement you on your approach play” he said and then he kissed her as he had done many times before.

She didn’t know why a gorgeous 35 year old athletic hung was attracted to a curvaceous middle aged widow, but then she didn’t really care. 

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (66) Rained Off


Twenty eight year old Paul Ingram was involved with an older woman, a forty year old woman to be precise, who was a beautiful unhappily married, soon to be divorced Carrington Chase educated woman, called Francesca Carrington-Webber.

Paul and Francesca both lived in the village of Forest Dean situated equidistant between Shallowfield and Childean, she lived in a huge house that backed onto the The Forest Ridge Golf Club, and coincidentally Paul worked for the Golf Club.


They became involved after three chance meetings, two on a train and the third more significant one was on the Promenade in Sharpington, where he came upon her small huddled figure on the bench ahead of him in some distress and after some tender moments of consolation lead to them making love in his caravan.


Since that night they had had a non-physical relationship and on the rare occasions that they managed to get to spend some time together they always made the most of it, sometimes they had to create opportunities and sometimes they just happened and sometimes one of them managed to surprise the other but the biggest surprise came on the Halloween weekend when she arrived at his caravan dressed as a witch and announced that not only was she divorcing her husband David but that she was staying the night.


On the rare occasions that they managed to get to spend the night together they always made the most of it but sometimes they had to create opportunities and sometimes they just happened.


Paul was the commercial manager at the Forest Ridge Golf Club which was a job that gave him the opportunity to play himself.

He was quite a good golfer but he didn’t do it often as he had better uses for his spare time, but after he started seeing Francesca he took to playing a round of Golf more often, although in truth it was just a ruse, he would tee off at the appropriate time and play the first three holes and then meet Francesca in the woods for a kiss and a cuddle and if he was lucky they would go into her house for a more comfortable cuddle, but on that particular day he was only expecting to play Golf.

But too his great surprise and delight, as he was walking down the fairway he saw her standing ahead of him just beyond the treeline.

Francesca was a very attractive woman, but apart from the fact she was beautiful, sexy and breathtakingly sensual what set his heart racing was the fact that he loved her and she loved him.


It was an unpleasant morning; warmer than it had been the previous few weeks, but as those weeks were actually very cold that wasn’t really saying much.

But the skies were predominantly grey, for the time being, with only the occasional break in the cloud, but the forecast had mentioned the possibility of sunny intervals later in the day.

The wind had a slight chill to it but was fairly light and so it wasn’t expected to affect anyone’s scorecards too much, not that he normally worried about that, he didn’t normally play the full 18 anyway, but that day he was playing a friend.

Considering the morning’s grey weather, the course wasn’t very quiet when he and Terry teed off at 8.30 there were a couple of twosomes ahead of them and at least three foursomes behind.


As he approached, Francesca was looking lovely

“When didn’t she?” he thought to himself, and he smiled when he noticed her ensemble.

She was wearing a grey flat cap with her shortish brown hair scraped into a pony tail sticking out the back.

But it was the rest of her outfit that made him smile, it was as ever all matching and perfectly co-ordinated.

In deference to the season she was dressed for the early autumn, in a white cotton shirt, beneath a pale blue argyle cardigan, a knee length pleated skirt, very flattering, in the same grey fabric as her cap and long argyle socks, her ensemble was then finished off with black brogue Golf shoes and a pale blue glove holding a Golfing brolley above her.

“Damn she looks good” he thought

She was kitted out as a Golfer but she wasn’t dressed to play Golf

Her rationale was that she was blending in, after all, who would look twice at another Golfer on a Golf course.

He had seen her in that outfit many times before and on those occasion he normally ended up removing her from it, but that was an unlikely scenario that day.

Fortunately his friend Terry had sliced his tee shot into the woods on the other side of the fairway so he knew he was safe to go to her for a few minutes.

“Hi gorgeous” he said “I wasn’t expecting you to be here today”

“I wanted to see you darling” she said and they kissed

“I wanted to see you too” he confessed

They both knew what they wanted to happen; she wanted him to make love to her and share in the afterglow and he wanted her with him to share his bed.

“Come to mine” he implored

“I can’t” she replied “I have a million things to do”

“Are you sure?” he asked

“I’m sorry,” she said and forced a smile “I can’t”

“I’ll give you lunch as well” he countered

“I want to so much” she said sadly

Just then it started raining hard so they kissed goodbye and then went their separate ways, Francesca ran towards home and he ran across to find Terry, by which time the rain was falling like stair rods,

Although spring was underway the leaves were yet to appear so there was no protection from the rain,

“Shall we call it a day” Paul said

“Good idea” Terry agreed

So they took the shortest route back to the clubhouse and then Terry dropped him off at his home.


They got absolutely soaked to the skin as they jogged and trotted to the clubhouse so when Paul got home, the first thing he did after putting the kettle on, was change out of his wet clothes and into a dressing gown, he couldn’t believe in that short space of time that he could get soaked to the skin, even his pants got wet.

As the rain continued to beat down he was sat in his kitchen drinking coffee and regretting not being able to make love to Francesca. 

He drained his cup and thought a hot shower was next on the agenda when there was a light tapping on the kitchen window.

When he turned around all he could see was an umbrella, so he walked to the window and the umbrella tipped backwards to reveal an absolutely sodden Francesca.

“Come round, come round” he said and went and opened the door

“You came” he said as she stepped through the door

“I couldn’t keep away” she replied and she kicked off her shoes by the door.

“Well I think we need to get you out of those wet clothes” he advised

“You promised me lunch first” she said indignantly

“Do you want lunch first?” he queried

“No” she replied and not for the first time that day they kissed.

But before they had time to act on their desires her mobile went off.

It was in the pocket of her skirt, she took it out and sat on a kitchen chair and answered it.

“Hi mum” she said with a grimace

“Yes I’m still in Abbottsford, if you could pick them up that would be fab”

“No I’m not sure how long” she said and Paul held up a couple of fingers and Francesca said “would two hours be ok? Brilliant, thanks mum, see you later, bye”

“Two hours?” she said to him “what are we going to do for two hours?”

“Come with me and I’ll show you” he said and led her by the hand and took her to his bedroom.


Half an hour later Francesca was draped across him with her head on his chest.

His hand was resting on her hip so he caressed her from hip to buttock and he kissed the top of her head and in response she hugged his torso and sighed smugly

“Now can I have lunch?” she panted

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (65) The Gentle Giant and the Christmas Maid

Aaron Keller was a great bear of a man, standing 6’ 6” tall, barrell chested with hands like shovels.

But he was brought to his knees by a skinny Little waif standind 4’ 11” by the name of Toni Kendall.

They were both in their mid twenties, both had flaming red hair but he was a gentle giant who barely spoke and she was a little livewire who never shut up.

The other thing that they had in common was more significant and that was the fact that they were in love, though neither of them knew that they were the recipient of that love.

Aaron couldn’t imagine that a beautiful little thing like Toni could ever be interested in him, and she thought he was probably looking for someone as quiet as him.

They both worked at Maxlin’s Holiday Camp in Sharpinghead, she was a chalet maid, and he was a general handyman.

Aaron lived in Sharpinghead, but Toni was from Finchbottom and as the summer season was coming to an end she was running out of time, if nothing happened between them, they would go their separate ways and they would be unlikely to see each other again, but if she got her way, and got her man, she would stay on.

She had been following him around the camp for the whole summer in the hope that he would take her in his arms, but no matter how much she flirted with him the result was the same and she cursed his shyness.


Toni finally got her man when they were on what was known as mothball duties, closing down those chalets that would not be needed during the winter season, which meant a major clean and then all the furniture was sheeted.

Because she was so tiny, she managed to enlist the help of the gentle giant with moving the furniture, though she was more than capable of doing it herself, because she was much stronger than she looked, she just used it as an excuse to get close to him.

But despite her managing to get Aaron to help her, it didn’t really help her in the way she wanted because she was such a chatterbox, so even if he could have found the words he wanted to use he would have struggled to get a word in edgeways.


However every thing came good in the end when They were on their fifth chalet and all was not going well for Toni as she was hoping he might have made a move on her by that stage, afterall they were alone and had been in very close proximity on many occasions.

She was also annoyed at her self because although she was a confident sparky girl she hadnt just come out with it and ask him out.

What Toni wanted though was for him to ask her but nothing happened so she decided that she had to make him get physical.

Toni started by undoing the braces on his overall as he picked things up and when he reatached that one she undid the other and so on and so fourth until he took action.


However she didn’t know when she started messing around quite how physical he would get.

But she wasn’t complaining when the gentle giant had her draped over his shoulder and he was playfully smaking her knicker clad buttocks while he watched the reflexion of his handywork in the mirror.


Toni didn’t know when she started messing around with Aaron quite how physical he would get.

But she wasn’t complaining when the gentle giant had her draped over his shoulder and he was playfully smaking her knicker clad buttocks while he watched the reflexion of his handywork in the mirror.

However, he only gave her another two strokes before Toni called a halt to proceedings.

“Put me down” she screamed “Put me down now”

“What’s wrong baby girl?” he said playfully “Have you had enough?”

“Just put me down” she insisted, and as he lowered her to the floor, he cursed himself under his breath for going too far, but he couldn’t help it, he was really having fun.   

“I’m sorry” he said when she was stood looking up at him “I went too far didn’t I?” 

“Don’t be sorry” she snapped and pushed him backwards onto a chair “You haven’t gone far enough yet”

“Oh?” he responded as she inched towards him and when they were nose to nose, she kissed him.


After that first time they couldn’t keep there hands off eachother and suffice is to say that she didn’t return home to Finchbottom and stayed on at Maxlin’s and the prospect of spending all winter kissing and canoodling kept them warm.

Though they didn’t have many opportunities for work time kissing and cuddling as they didn’t often work together but when they weren’t working, they didn’t go out in the world much.

But halfway through the winter they got to work together again when they had to reopen some of the chalets, they had mothballed earlier in the year in preparation of the Christmas season and that was when they told each other that they loved them.


It had been over a year since Toni and Aaron got together but they were as mad for each other as ever and their second Christmas together was on the horizon.

When November finally arrived, Toni decided it was time to decorate for Christmas but no one could remember where the decorations were put after the previous year.

After two weeks of searching every nook and cranny they were finally spotted in the loft in the staff block by the head of housekeeping, Christine Evans.


In the staff accommodation village, there were rows of chalets, similar in design to the guest accommodation but much smaller, and at the center was the staff block.

This contained offices, storerooms, and a common room, with comfortable chairs, where staff can sit around and relax, drink coffee and watch TV or just sit around talking.


Christine Evans hadn’t actually seen the decorations herself as she had never been in the loft, and that was because she was scared, partly of the dark but mainly of cobwebs and spiders, but one of her staff had seen them.


Toni and Christine were stood talking in the common room when Aaron walked through the door.

“Did you want to see me?” he said to Christine

“Yes, we’ve located the Christmas Decorations” she replied

“So come on big boy” Toni said cheekily “it’s time to get the Dec’s down from the loft”


The entrance to the loft, where the Decoration’s had been seen, was via a large hatch way in the common room ceiling.

Aaron reached up one of his great paws and pulled the catch and the hatch swung open and then he pulled down the loft ladder.

“Are you going up?” he asked Christine knowing the answer

“No fear” she said and shivered

“Go on then Danger Mouse” he said to Toni “You go first”


Without hesitation she was straight up the ladder and Aaron followed quickly behind her and enjoyed the view up her skirt of her jiggling buttocks as she wiggled up the ladder, he enjoyed the view above the top of her long socks.

She knew that he would and frankly would have been disappointed if he hadn’t.

He would have pinched her bum if Christine hadn’t been looking on.


Once they reached the top Toni switched the light on and started looking around but despite the light the corners were quite gloomy.

So Aaron switched on his torch which Toni immediately snatched from his hand.

It was quite a large space and was used as an additional storage area during the peak season and during the course of the year the boxes of Christmas decorations, which had been put up there after the previous year’s festivities, were gradually pushed further and further back from their starting point.

“There they are” she squealed excitedly and rushed to the far corner of the loft.

She then got down on her hands and knees and began pushing boxes in Aaron’s direction.

“Oh shit” she exclaimed

“What wrong luv?”

“The Angel has fallen out of the box” she said sadly “and it’s fallen down behind this thing”

The “Thing” she was referring to was the wooden “A” frame that held the roof up.

“There it is” she said as she shined the torch beam into the darkness.

It hadn’t fallen too far but it was difficult to get at because of all the boxes in the way.

“Can you reach it?” she asked you’ve got longer arms than me”

“A T-Rex has longer arms than you” he retorted and laughed but he clambered up however he couldn’t get close enough to the objective to bring his long reach into play.

“I can’t get close enough” he said as he crouched down “I’ll just have to move these boxes”

“That will take too long” she said impatiently

“I’ll just have to wriggle between the woody things, you can hold onto my legs so I don’t fall”

“Ok” he replied and she headed towards the biggest gap while Aaron moved some of the boxes to accommodate his huge feet.

The gap she went for was a little above Aaron’s waist height but it was higher for a skinny little waif of 4’ 11”.

He was helping her through the small opening between the roof supports and she wriggled and squirmed like a little ginger fish.


He was helping her through the small opening between the roof supports and she wriggled and squirmed like a little ginger fish.

“How are you doing?” he asked

“I’ve almost got it” she replied “another couple of inches should do it”

“Ok” he said and manhandled her a bit further and in the process the hem of her skirt was pulled up towards her waist and he was so mesmerised by what came into view that he absentmindedly caressed her plump little buttock .

“What was that?” She asked

“Cobwebs” he lied

“Ok” she replied doubtfully but he didn’t pay attention his mind was on other things as he took something from his pocket.

“I’ve got it” she shouted triumphantly “pull me back”

So he began retrieving her small frame from the darkness and lowered her to the floor.

“See I’ve got it” she said holding the angel up proudly

“Well done, its very nice” he said “But I thought you’d be more interested in this little precious parcel”

“Whats that?”

“I don’t know but it has your name on it” he said

“Has it?” she exclaimed and thrust the angel into his chest and tried to snatch the little parcel from his great paw but as Aaron was such a great bear of a man, standing 6’ 6” tall and she was

a skinny little waif standind 4’ 11” he easily held the gift out of her reach.

“Gimmi, gimmi” she said “you meanie”

“Calling me names isnt going to work” he said

“You used to be a nice boy” Toni said “But now you’re just mean”

“Ok I’ll take it away then” Aaron said and walked towards the loft hatch

“No don’t take it away” she pleaded and hopped up and down

“Please, please, please”

“I dont think you deserve it”

“But I do” she said “I really do”

“oh ok then” he relented and gave her the little parcel which she tore into in seconds to reveal a ring box and she gasped

“Whats this?” she asked in a whisper

“Open it and see” he instructed and after a deep breath she opened the box to reveal a solitaire diamond engagement ring and she gasped again.

“Is this what i think it is?” she asked

“I don’t know” he said “What do you think it is?”

“Is it an…. Engagement ring?” she asked in a childlike voice

“Yes” he replied

“You want to marry me?” Toni asked

“Yes” Aaron said and she launched herself at him and wrapped her arms around his neck, almost breaking the angel in the process, and kissed him.